The Challenge: A burning platform


The Leaders Lunch group shared that we will often we often will look for a burning platform to bring attention to an issue and enact change. This is understandable because we’re having to make important decisions and trade priorities every day, and there’s nothing like a crisis to shift attention and drive action!

The challenge we face with mental ill-health is that it is typically invisible. When we can’t see a problem, it’s easy to think it doesn’t exist or is less important. This ‘convenience’ allows us to defend our position through the lens of ignorance. However, the data and regulation have now caught up and it must be a strategic risk that Directors are now tracking…

  • Mental health claims are approximately four times in both length and cost to a business
  • Productivity loss while unwell, even in mild cases, are significant
  • Commission-led claims against Directors for failing to meet their duties are being issued, fought and won

It is our duty to take a full and proactive stance on managing the psychological safety of all our people at work. But how should we be approaching it?

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