Prevention through early detection

We are a NFP charitable foundation uniting the world's workplaces in the early detection of mental health risks in team environments

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Mental illness touches us all

• Half of our population will experience a mental health issue.

• A person attempts suicide every 2 seconds and dies from suicide every 40 seconds.

• There is the potential for suicides to rise by up to 30% during and for years after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.

• Approximately 84% of all deaths from suicide around the world occur in the working age population (15-64 yo).

• Mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces AU $17 billion (US $13.6 billion) every year through absenteeism and lost productivity.

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How to get involved


We welcome organizations to team up with The United Project to help grow awareness and run programs, both locally and internationally.

To become involved as a sponsor with The United Project or one of our strategic programs, please get in touch.


We're always on the lookout for passionate people who are available to help across marketing, social media, fundraising, sales, product management and more!

Please use our contact form and share with us some information about your skills and background, and how much time you may have each week to support. Thank you.

Become an Ambassador

Our Ambassadors are leading and influential figures, and have kindly offered to use their platform to communicate our important message and build our community.

If you would like to get behind our journey and join our team of ambassadors, or if you represent talent, please contact us.

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