United Pledge

The United Pledge is focused on obtaining the commitment of governance boards and leadership teams to building a discrimination-free and psychologically safe working environment.

Through the United Pledge, leaders will be required to commit to a program of systemic change right across their organisation; delivering an environment where all staff feel safe, supported and can thrive.

The United Pledge will offer a joined-up and science-backed tailorable framework and implementation roadmap that is whole of organisation, efficient, instructive and complements existing wellbeing and detection programs.

By empowering the Boards and Executives of organisations to take action, the United Pledge provides the opportunity to acknowledge fundamental problems in policy, management systems, behaviour and work spaces.

The United Pledge intends to recognise organisations for their efforts, investment and commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of their employees through an internationally recognised accreditation.


The four components of the United Pledge

1. The Commitment

A signed 'pledge' by an organisation to the principles and objectives for the delivery of systemic transformation

2. The Assessment

To determine where they're at along the continuum and to use this data to direct priority

3. The Priorities

The targeted use of established guidelines to support changes to current policies, processes, systems and standards

4. The Accreditation

A compliance management system that when achieved, accredits the organisation with a quality mark, firmly stating their leadership against peers


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Phase 1 launch of the United Pledge is scheduled for 2023. We are welcoming partners, sponsors and individuals/organisations who are interested in getting involved. Please visit our registration page.