Why us, why now

Anxiety, stress and depression have been amplified through unsafe work practices, accelerated technological disruption, the changing nature of work and the impact of COVID-19.

About 84% of all suicides around the world take place in the working age population (15-64 years old). Yet, suicide is preventable.

The World Health Organization reported in 2019 that the estimated cost to the global economy in lost productivity due to mental ill-health was US$1 trillion per year.

Our vision is to unite the world's leaders, employees and industry to deliver sustainable change

We believe that a commitment to a mentally healthy workplace improves culture, productivity and competitive advantage. It also saves lives.

So what is our strategy?

We are focused on the prevention of mental ill-health, through early detection at work, by:

  • enabling the sustainable transformation of workplaces; to build more united, accountable and supportive environments, with no discrimination.
  • investing in transformation initiatives and technological innovations that enable proactive mental health detection capability.
  • delivering programs that help build individual, team and organisational strength, and deliver a pathway for sustainable change.

    How we will use the funds we raise

    Money we raise will be used to fund:

    • investment in strategic programs and our operations
    • awareness and activation campaigns
    • the delivery of programs for those teams and workplaces who are unable to afford it.

    100% of all profits will be targeted at funding advanced mental health research, front-line mental health services and suicide prevention organizations, and our innovation and development programs.

    25% of the profits we distribute will be donated to support front-line mental health services in developing countries.

    Want to know who we've teamed up with? Visit our Strategic Partners & Ambassadors page.

    Our promise

    The United Project is totally committed to:

    • ensuring full and clear transparency of where funds are distributed and what the funds are being used for
    • maximizing the impact we are having on individual lives and workplaces
    • minimizing operational overheads by leveraging existing platforms, providers and supply chains.

    A senior independent and qualified auditor is overseeing the establishment of the governance framework and decision-making committee. The Board of Directors will ensure alignment with ethical practice, guide the executive team how funds are to be distributed and set and review policy on fund allocation and new applications.

    Why we started The United Project

    Co-Founders Greg Muller and Matine Rahmani share their story of why The United Project was formed and what the charity has set out to achieve. 


     Registered Charity ACNC The United Project Foundation Ltd The United Project Foundation Ltd (ABN: 91 642 194 974) is an Australian registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission. All donations made to The United Project are tax deductible in Australia.
    eMental Health International Collaborative The United Project Foundation is also a member of the eMental Health International Collaborative (eMHIC), a place where leaders and experts in eMental Health and addiction come together to leverage global innovation across digitally-enabled mental health promotion, prevention and treatment, and to collaborate across borders.