United Training

United Training offers programs that directly support the development of an open, safe and productive culture for teams around mental health.

For any transformation to be long-lasting, the change must be understandable and pervasive, with messaging consistent and reinforced with investment.

United Training aims to build new skills and normalise mental health that: 

  • improves organisation-wide awareness, acceptance and support of mental health and the organisation’s wellbeing strategies.
  • establishes greater resilience and psychological flexibility so management and staff can rise to respond positively in the face of constant challenge, change and uncertainty.
  • opens new opportunities for individuals in teams to help detect who may be at risk or in need of support.
  • establishes a deeper appreciation for how programs that focus on unity, belonging, connectedness, gratitude and meaning so individuals feel worthwhile and valued.
  • encourages investment in systems, workspaces and culture.

Please click here to read more about our Retrain your Brain Program, designed for teams and workplaces.