The Opportunity: A pilot program and roadmap to certification


Join our pilot program to transform your operating model into one informed by well-being principles. We are inviting six visionary companies to start this wellbeing at work journey with a scoping exercise. This group will lead the way in redefining business success by integrating well-being at the core of their operations. This is a unique opportunity to position your company at the forefront of a growing movement that values employee wellness as a driver for sustainable success.

Benefits of Participating:

Innovative Edge: Be among the pioneers to explore how well-being can be seamlessly integrated into your business structure, giving you a performance advantage.

Enhanced Employee Engagement: Companies with a focus on well-being report higher levels of staff motivation and job satisfaction, which can translate into increased productivity and reduced turnover.

Positive Brand Image: Strengthen your brand by demonstrating a commitment to employee health and happiness, enhancing your appeal to socially conscious consumers and potential hires.

Strategic Insights: Gain deep insights into the practical challenges and benefits of shifting to a well-being-focused model, informed by expert guidance and collaborative problem-solving.

Networking Potential: Connect with other leaders who are equally committed to innovative and sustainable business practices, fostering opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Don’t miss this chance to be at the cutting edge of organizational development. Help shape the future of how businesses operate by prioritising the well-being of your workforce.

Would you like to join us? 

If you would like to be a pilot workplace, please contact Greg Muller, Co-Founder at