Becoming a wellbeing workplace with The United Project - a model for system-level change


On 21 May 2024 The United Project brought together an impressive group of company directors and executive leaders who attended our inaugural Leaders Lunch, hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright in Melbourne.

The key takeout from the event was that we have entered a phase of acceptance and action. That we, as organisational leaders:

  • Better understand from research, that mental ill-health is prevalent within every team
  • Acknowledge the importance of talking about mental ill-health in the workplace
  • Can accept that how we feel at and about our work has a direct impact on our non-work relationships and wellbeing.
  • Can resolve that if we don’t invest and take proactive action in an evidence-informed way, there are direct and material financial and cultural impacts.
  • Accept that WHS regulation and the Positive Duty legislation is now clear for Directors and executive leaders, with clear penalties if we fail in our duty of care.

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