United Giving

The United Project Foundation operates in a global society, and we believe it is our social responsibility to lift the availability of, and access to, quality mental health care services for those less privileged. 

Our United Giving program has committed to donating eighty percent (80%) of net profits across the following two categories: 

1. Front-line mental health service organisations (80% of allocated funds) 

The purpose is to provide these organisations with additional funds to increase their capacity to directly support more at-risk individuals. The distribution of these funds will be as follows: 

  • Approximately seventy-five percent (75%) will be made available to Australian organisations. 
  • Approximately twenty-five percent (25%) will be made to approved partners in low-to-middle income countries. 

2. Mental health research and development partners (20% of allocated funds) 

The purpose is to contribute to the acceleration of our understanding of mental illness that will lead to better detection and the development of modern treatments that: 

  • lessen the impact (time, severity, cost, related health) 
  • prevent the ongoing development toward chronic illness, and suicide. 


Recipients of United Giving Grants must demonstrate that they: 

  • have a clear and strategic link to The United Project’s mission, and can demonstrate that they can effectively advance our ability to deliver programs that offer a broad-scale, preventative impact. 
  • have a clear urgency and timeline for the investment. 
  • will be able to demonstrate impact that is linked to the deployed funds. 
  • align with the goals and objectives of the Foundation’s investment partners.

Note: we are not currently not accepting applications. Feel free to reach out and we will be in contact when the application round opens.