United Cloud

The United Cloud is an enterprise technology solution that uses predictive analytics to detect negative changes in the mental wellbeing of people, and proactively initiates support and intervention for identified individuals, privately and confidentially. 

The United Cloud is based on the hypotheses that: 

  • Workplaces typically rely on individuals to self-identify if they are feeling unwell or suffering heightened levels of anxiety, stress or burnout. Given that many are unwilling to speak for fear of discrimination and reprisal, by the time an individual self-identifies is often too late.
  • Leaders and managers are typically ill-equipped and time poor to spot problems and proactively have a conversation with individuals of concern, and initiate support for them if needed.
  • There is sufficient data already produced during a typical workday that can be used productively to discern changes in wellbeing. Other applications tend to rely on individuals willingly inputting data into a survey or app; this presents many inherent problems and limitations. Importantly, a large percentage of the population will choose not to engage while others will not respond accurately.

It is intended that data analysed by the United Cloud will be gathered from multiple existing data platforms from across the workplace, securely and ethically in order to protect an individual’s rights to privacy.

Insights will be produced anonymously at an individual level, triggering personalised and confidential intervention from a trained professional (eg. EAP service provider). Consolidated insights for teams will enable organisations to access insights to inform ongoing wellbeing programs earlier than current methods.

The United Cloud is currently in development and we intend to launch trials in late 2022. To register your interest in the United Cloud, as a participating organisation, sponsor or technology partner, please contact us