United Pledge

Focused on obtaining the commitment of governance boards and leadership teams to building a discrimination-free and psychologically safe working environment.

The declaration of principles and objectives, an evaluation tool, a prioritisation framework and a compliance management system.

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United Cloud

A predictive analytics ecosystem capable of proactively detecting negative changes in the mental wellbeing of people; privately and confidentially.

AI-enabled technology and data aggregator to identify signals of change in mental health, alongside a mental health performance dashboard, and a provider engagement model to support intervention.

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United Training

For any transformation to be long-lasting, the change must be understandable and pervasive. Teams and leaders must be both aware and accepting of the change.

Programs directly support the development of an open, safe and productive culture for teams around mental health.

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United Giving

Appropriate mechanisms for the distribution of funds to select mental health organisations around the world, but particularly those from low & middle income countries.

The United Project Foundation has committed to the donation of eighty percent (80%) of net profits to mental health front-line support organisations and research.

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