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Team United Development Program

About 50% of us will experience a mental health issue in our lifetime.

Two thirds of us don't seek help.

Your workplace is probably losing up to 15% productivity due to mental illness.

Please ask yourself these questions

Does my business model rely on the healthy minds of our leaders and staff?

Are we adapting and responding as well as we could to the changes and uncertainties upon us?

Do I feel my people are connected to our higher purpose, our strategy and their teammates?

Can I confidently identify who in my team is at risk of mental illness, or is suffering heightened levels of distress and anxiety?

The Team United Development Program objectives

  • To build further levels of awareness, acceptance and support of mental health in your workplace.
  • To help identify those at risk in your workplace and provide a pathway to professional support. (This is often very difficult to spot!)
  • To build greater resilience and psychological flexibility so management and staff can rise to respond positively in the face of constant challenge, change and uncertainty.
  • To promote the importance of and build capabilities that help establish unity, belonging, connectedness, gratitude so individuals feel worthwhile and valued.
  • To build skills to better identify and be more mindful of negative and unhelpful thoughts, while learning how they can be reframed to limit their impact.
  • To contribute directly to The United Project's mission of saving lives.

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What's included

Part A - Team Coaching For teams, this evidence-based progam is typically run over 4 weeks across 4 modules (as summarised below). Each module is approximately 50 minutes in duration with short application exercises between each session.
Part B - Wellbeing Check & Support

We have partnered with leading employee assistance platform Uprise. Only as part of this Program, each participant will receive:

  • A 3 month license to Uprise.
  • A wellbeing check (and 24 hour follow-up by an licenced psychologist if any employee is assessed as high risk).
  • Up to 3 x 30 minute therapy/coaching sessions per employee, conducted by a psychologist or trained counsellor. That’s up to 30 included sessions!
  • Access to Uprise’s toolkit of research-backed content, videos and exercises to improve resilience and emotional health.
Uprise is completely secure, private and confidential to each individual. 
Part C - Build Awareness & Strengthen Relationships

Unite your team and raise awareness!

Each participant will receive a 'United' T-shirt and a set of Gratitude Postcards. The postcards are referenced in the coaching program and used to send to colleagues and friends.

What will participants learn?

The Team Coaching component (Part A above) is delivered virtually via Zoom, Google Meet, Teams or your preferred platform. A qualified and experienced psychologist will cover the following topics:

Module 1

The objective of Module 1 is to help participants to better understand the impact of mental health and to normalise the conversation around it.

Module 2

The objective of Module 2 is to help participants to better understand the link between thoughts and emotions through principles of cognitive reframing.

Module 3

The objective of Module 3 is to help participants identify strategies and techniques to effectively manage emotions and thoughts.

Module 4

The objective of Module 4 is to help participants understand the importance of gratitude as well as providing gratitude techniques that can help build resilience, both in themselves and others.

Want more information? Please download a comprehensive overview.

Our Lead Facilitator

Dr Kim Hazendonk BBSc (Psych), Grad Dip Health Psych, DPsych (Neuro)

 Dr Kim Hazendonk

Kim is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with over 20 years of international experience working in both public and private sectors. Her advanced understanding of the interplay of cognitions, emotions and behaviour has enabled her to assist clients leverage their strengths, build high performing teams and achieve positive organizational outcomes.

Kim is particularly passionate about helping hard working professionals become more effective through great leadership and life/work balance.

Kim consults to CEOs and senior executives with some of the region’s largest and most successful organizations across all major industries.

Kim is a registered psychologist with qualifications including a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, a Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology).

What each participant will receive

Each participant receives:
  • 1 x The United Project tee.
  • Participation in the above program (4 x 50 min. modules delivered virtually, over 4 weeks).
  • 5 x Gratitude postcards (for sending to teammates & friends).
  • A mental wellbeing check.
  • A 3 month license to Uprise, with digital access to its on-demand, research-backed resilience content. All information remains private and confidential.
  • Up to 3 x 30 minute individual Coaching/Therapy sessions (delivered via Uprise qualified counsellors and therapists).

Get started today!

To get started, please contact us and well be in contact to explore your requirements, discuss pricing and we'll give you everything you need to know to get started.


  1. Do you deliver the program outside of Australia? Yes! We run the program all over the world.
  2. I have more than ten people in my team. Can I include more? Yes, up to maximum of 15 people. There is a charge AU$700 for each additional person. Please choose 'Add Program Participant' in the store and select the additional number team members you would like to purchase.
  3. Can I customize the content for my needs? This program has been carefully designed to meet the needs of most teams and workplaces. However, please reach out if you'd like to discuss us your requirements and how we can customise the program to your organization.
  4. I would like to sponsor (pre-purchase) some Team United Development Programs so that they can be donated to other businesses in need. How would I do this? Great. This is easy to do via our Corporate Sponsorship & Donation Program. Please contact us and we'll work through the steps together.
  5. I am a training organization/consultant and would like sell the Team United Development Program to my customers. Is this possible? Yes, please contact us for details about our partner program and the offers available.
  6. How much money from this program goes to fund mental health research and front-line organizations? A minimum of $1,000 from each Team United Development Program sale will be passed to our Donation Partners.
  7. Does the information gathered from the Uprise wellbeing check get shared? Uprise never shares information that identifies an individual to their employer or anyone outside Uprise. Uprise sends de-identified wellbeing check scores as a report back to each organisation. These scores are an average across the group. At least 10 respondents are required before they send out a report. 
  8. Can I read more about the program? Yes, please download details here.