Volunteer Team

Robelen Bajar

Head of Marketing Planning

I've spent the last 10+ years working with innovators, entrepreneurs and sales leaders to bring ideas to life - from digital transformation to ecommerce, directory, marketplace, and publishing. At The United Project, I lead marketing strategy and define product rollout plans to bring our mission to the world.

Gal Margalit

Business Analysis Lead
Spent the last 7+ years designing and enhancing complex software products. I am passionate about driving business growth from inception to delivery of high-value product. At The United Project I work in The United Cloud team to create a valuable, usable and efficient product
Tracy Van Heer

Corporate Sponsors

I am an experienced Executive with proven commercial acumen and cross-functional experience in Sales & Marketing, Change Management, Corporate Process and Governmental & Legal Affairs. At The United Project I build relationships with our sponsors through shared passion for advocating for Mental Health.

Gemma Rice

Volunteer/HR Manager
I am a passionate HR professional the likes to bring a side of fun. At the Untied Project I get to make magical moments happen by recruiting and onboarding dedicated and talented volunteers who contribute to our vision.
Karina Strange

Marketing Data Analyst

I’m a data crunching, water skiing, beach loving, travel fanatic. At the United Project, I assist the marketing team in spreading the powerful message of gratitude, mental health awareness and suicide prevention across the world.

Suzy Sliwczynski

I’m a digital and communications professional with a love of research and analytics. I joined The United Project team to help create messaging designed to inspire a change in the way workplaces approach mental health.

Emily Carding

Ambassador Relationship Manager
I've worked in London & Sydney as an entrepreneur, business leader, marketing and comms specialist in media & technology companies, agencies and startups. My business Why Comms helps purpose driven organisations connect with their audiences and make positive change. I am also a beekeeper and volunteer Primary Ethics teacher. At The United Project I'm bringing on a passionate team of supporters and building engagement through our ambassador program

Tallie Min

Research Lead
As a psychologist, I am passionate about maximising opportunities to drive organisational performance through people-related initiatives, and have a strong interest in supporting mental health and well-being in the workplace. At The United Project, I focus on conducting research and embedding a data-driven approach to ensure our thinking, practices and content are evidence-based.
Tom King

Head of Product Innovation & Strategy
I am an experienced IT project professional with a passion for identifying and driving creative customer-centric solutions to operational problems through placing a personal emphasis on building trust & openness with all stakeholders. At The United Project, I work to define product strategy and promote innovation, so send me all of your ideas! 

Kristiaan Spronk

I spent my early career as an international model, working around the world, and then as a director in an international model agency, based in Singapore. Following that I moved into coaching and process optimisation, and have assisted in numerous start-ups, as well as helping businesses “retool” in order to recover from debt. Over the last 6 years I have focused more on mental health, moving into counselling, and now into psychology and cognitive neuroscience. My interests in this field are in the use of emerging technologies for detection and intervention. Currently I am working for the Dept. of Rural Health, contributing to the development of online mental health interventions, and for the Cancer Research Institute, researching psycho-oncology in rural population.

Roz Meineke

Sales and Relationship Manager
I am a customer service driven professional, with experience in sales, stakeholder management, and customer service. I have a dedication to helping social issues, such as mental health come to the forefront of policy in our society. At the United Project, I build strong relationships with those who use our services, and drive growth of our services to bring our mission to life.