Returning to the Workplace Survey

After the significant challenges we have faced whilst working from home, returning to the workplace will be another major change.

COVID-19 restrictions have been confronting for many of us and have hit our family units hard. Globally, over 1.47m people have now died from this pandemic (as at end Nov 2020).

Returning to the workplace does not mean life will be returning to “normal”. The incidents of mental health will continue to rise for the next 24 months as well as suicides.

That is why we now, more than ever, need to look after ourselves and each other.

How to use this survey

This is a tool designed for all staff as a short self-assessment. Please use the results to then take appropriate action, as required.

You can download the survey (in PDF) here.

Note: This questionnaire is not a medically approved clinical diagnostic assessment. It is not intended to show whether you have a mental health problem.