Prevent mental illness. Empower your team to thrive. Influence change.

•   Almost half of your workforce (45%) will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime1.

•   Lead the change to foster a healthy and supportive team environment.

•   Learn to have safe and effective conversations about mental health. The cost of ignoring it is far too high ($220b cost to Australian economy2).

Please ask yourself these questions

Does my business model rely on the healthy minds of our leaders and staff?

Does my team know techniques to turn to in times of stress or uncertainty?

Do I feel my leaders, managers and co-workers are equipped to support each other in times of crisis?

Can I confidently identify who in my team is at risk of mental illness, or is suffering heightened levels of distress and anxiety?

Retrain your Brain guides you & your team to cultivate a supportive and open culture in the workplace when it comes to mental health


Program details

Retrain your Brain is an evidence-based coaching program to unite and strengthen your team while reducing the stigma around mental health in your workplace. Delivered virtually, a qualified and experienced psychologist will cover the following topics:

Module 1

Participants are taught to better understand the impact of mental health and to normalise the conversation around it.

Module 2

Participants learn to better understand the link between thoughts and emotions through principles of cognitive reframing.

Module 3

Participants build an appreciation of the importance of gratitude, as well as learning gratitude techniques that can help build resilience, both in themselves and others.

Module 4

Participants identify strategies and techniques to effectively manage emotions and thoughts.

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1. Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2009. National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 4326.0, 2007. ABS: Canberra.

2. Productivity Commission 2020, Mental Health, Report no. 95, Canberra.