Gratitude Points

Gratitude is a positive and effective way to support and prevent mental illness

Research has consistently shown that practicing gratitude is strongly linked to happiness. Gratitude releases positive emotions and in practice helps build stronger relationships and a more caring and supportive culture. When we express or receive gratitude, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, which makes us feel good [1].

Understanding and applying gratitude practice is therefore core to The United Project's mission.

What is the Gratitude Points Program?

The Gratitude Program is a global movement whereby we aim to cultivate a society where giving and receiving gratitude is acknowledged and more widely used as a tool towards happiness and mental well-being.

Our first goal is to accrue more Gratitude Points than the number of confirmed global COVID-19 cases. As the number of global cases grow, so does our goal!

There are various ways to accrue Gratitude Points through social media:

  • Post a story of gratitude (where you received, gave or observed an act of gratitude). Each post on any social media platform = 150 Gratitude Points
  • Comment or share that story = 20 Gratitude Points
  • React to that story = 2 Gratitude Points

How to participate on World Gratitude Day

On Monday, September 21, we invite you to spread stories of gratitude and help us amass more Gratitude Points than the global number of COVID-19 cases. Here's how:

1. Share your story of gratitude on social media using hashtags #gratitudepoints #theunitedproject.
2. Join in one of our competitions and giveaways.
3. Spread the word to your colleagues, family and friends.

Competitions and giveaways

To celebrate World Gratitude Day, we are giving away a Wellness Package – including 2 x 45 minute Private Virtual Pilates Lessons with Embody Pilates, a virtual coffee date with Netball star Jo Weston and a United Project T-shirt + Gratitude Postcards.

For hockey fans, our partner Gryphon is also running a competition on Instagram.

Get the full details.

Social Media creatives

    Feel free to use some of our campaign creatives with hashtags #gratitudepoints #unitedproject.

    Gratitude by The United Project Gratitude Program by The United Project
    Gratitude Program by the United Project Gratitude Points by The United Project


    Other ways to earn Gratitude Points

      Gratitude Points are also earned by donating to The United Project, and purchasing a product or program from The United Project whereby $1 = 5 Gratitude Points!

      Our apparel is now available in the store and don't forget to order your own set of gratitude postcards!

      Our growing target

      The daily increasing number of Covid-19 cases globally will serve as our moving target, and the aim is to accrue more gratitude points than the number of Covid-19 cases. The significance of this target lies in the fact that The Gratitude Campaign aims to make positivity and acts of gratitude part of society’s new “normal” and to create a healthier and happier society throughout this pandemic. During times like these, we know how much of a significant effect a simple expression of gratitude can have on someone else. Together, we can contribute to the well-being of our society.

      There is compelling scientific evidence pointing out the benefits of how a simple act of giving or receiving gratitude affects people’s well-being across different aspects, be it sleep quality, happiness level, stress level, or mental health. Please see the reference, stats & useful resources page for more details.

      1. M.R. Chowdhury, BA. 12 May, 2020. "The Neuroscience of Gratitude and How It Affects Anxiety & Grief".