Becoming a United Project Canary

One of the most commonly asked questions we get at the United Project is regarding what it means to be a Canary in the workplace. Here’s a brief overview…

The use of a Canary symbol in The United Project logo draws its inspiration from the historical use of canaries in coal mines, where they served as early warning systems in the detection of toxic gases. The canary was an important early detection mechanism that helped to save lives.

The United Project embodies this legacy of early detection with programs that seek to mitigate mental health risks in the workplace. This includes:

  • Assisting leaders in obtaining the commitment to transform.
  • Implementing measurement tools to determine the priorities for investment.
  • Deploying training and cultural development programs that build awareness and improve understanding at the individual, team and organisational level.
  • Design new operating models that minimise the psychosocial risks and hazards in the workplace, through drivers such as leadership, autonomy, safety, work design, skills, recognition, connection and inclusivity.
  • Building technology capable of proactively, securely and privately detecting changes in emotional wellbeing so you can minimise a potential condition from worsening.

The United Project’s goal is to help to create a workplace environment that is psychologically safe, inclusive and supportive of all employees. 

Becoming a Canary yourself is an opportunity to be an advocate for early detection of risk factors affecting mental health in the workplace environment. 

The United Project can provide you with valuable tools for becoming a Canary in your workplace. 

The opportunity to become a canary is open to both individuals and organisations – essentially anyone willing to commit to driving workplace change.

Change is good but never easy. It can start with you. Visit