6 secrets to a mentally healthy organisation

A mentally healthy workplace is essential for the long-term success of your organisation and the wellbeing of its employees. But how does one embark on doing this? The secret to creating a more psychologically healthy workplace is to focus on enhancing and improving the following six key areas. 

1. Organisational capacity for supporting mental health

Workplaces need to be equipped with the necessary skills and resources to support mental health. This may involve professional development and education in minimising risks, responding to harm, and promoting positive wellbeing. 

2. Appropriate management and leadership styles

The way managers motivate their teams to achieve shared organisational goals has a direct impact on both success and wellbeing. Leaders should aim to provide feedback for growth and focus on how workers can best utilise their strengths.

3. Culture, connectedness and belongingness

The quality of interpersonal relationships in the workplace is a key contributor to job satisfaction. And when connections are fostered by mutual respect, trust and collaboration workers better support each other to succeed as a team.

4. Identifying and minimising psychosocial hazards

Workplaces should identify and proactively try to minimise aspects of work that have the potential to cause psychological harm such as stress or any aspects of work that may lead to unsafe work practices. 

5. Individual empowerment through work design

When workers are empowered to have a say in designing the way that roles, tasks and responsibilities are organised they feel a sense of control. This creates a better balance between the needs of organisation versus the needs of the individual.

6. Effective and relevant OHS policy and processes

The policy and processes put in action to protect personal safety should strive to create a workplace that is free from harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence.

A psychologically healthy workplace has numerous benefits for business and individuals. The United Project tools and programs are designed to guide individuals and organisations along the journey to a more mentally healthy workplace. Read more about taking the United Pledge